Jeff Smith is a dear friend who I met in the same way I met Donielle, through a Catholic website, but this time, just for friendship! He has lived in China for two years and he is one of my few American friends who is able to speak some Chinese. This has immediately made me feel close to him. He is very active in Catholic activities with young adults wherever he lives. He hosts great parties which I was able to attend while he lived in Chicago. Since then he has moved to New York City to share his party life with a growing number of friends and acquaintances.
Joseph Lu is a computer programmer originally from Taiwan. At the age of five, he moved to the United States where we met. After attending the same activities with the Chinese community, we became friends. I am honored to have him stand by me at my wedding and looking forward to a lifelong friendship.

Rob Dodde is Donielle’s brother and close sibling. Only one year apart, they are so close that they both decided to get married in the same summer! He will become Erica Vincent’s husband on July 10, 2003.
Chris Brehm is Donielle’s life long friend from high school. Even though they separated during college, their friendship has lasted and he continues to be a great friend. He is often the host of the best parties in the world taking place at his family’s cabin in West Branch, MI and his dry humor precedes him. He is living in a posh condominium on the river in Grand Rapids and works in accounting at Foremost Insurance. He graduated from Aquinas College.
Dominic Niu is an SVD seminarian currently studying in Chicago. I have known him since 1999 where we met at an SVD picnic where he invited me to join. Lucky for Donielle that I didn’t! He is originally from the Shang Xi Province of China, west of the place I grew up.
Bill Jordan, is a close friend from CTU and will be my best man in the wedding. He enthusiastically accepted my invitation to be in the wedding! We met through Jude Thompson and have shared good conversation and time together. Bill splits his time with an Indian Dance Company, sharing his theological knowledge gained at CTU, and enjoying various artistic endeavors. He is also a writer and painter and lives in Chicago.

Jen Farthing made my years at SMC better than I could have ever imagined. We were roommates and friends for years and has a sense of humor and a taste in music like no one else. She excels at being the life of the party and being the supporter of anyone who needs a little pick me up. She currently lives in Chicago IL where she is a marketing executive for an advertising agency.

Jennifer is my oldest sister and the wisest among us. She is a mother and wife and will be my matron of honor. She is a skilled cross stitcher and a master of the English language, having earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English from GVSU and Hollins University respectively. She resides in Roanoke, VA where she works with Delta Dental Insurance as an independent contractor.

LeeAnn is the youngest sister and is a ball of fun. She was the last of the family to graduate from Catholic Central last year and is in her first year of college at Grand Rapids Community College. She is a poor artist, but has accomplished beautiful pieces of art in her lifetime. She loves Einstein, and is almost as smart as him. She is the only sibling to be living in Grand Rapids still.

Alicia Soszynski is my former roommate from DeKalb, IL. She is a saint, or an 8th grade special education teacher, whichever you prefer. She has a master’s degree in Special Eduation from Northern Illinois University and has a beautiful outlook on life. We became friends while I was on staff at Nazareth Farm. She loves to return to West Virginia after having volunteered there from 1997-98.

Meridith is my not only my sister, but my maid of honor. She loves to be crafty (I’m sure she learned it from her bigger sister) and is the height of fashion. She is a beautiful woman and a beautiful soul. Her current job is perfect for her, combining milkshakes and steakburgers. Yes, she works for Steak N Shake in Eastern Michigan as a corporate trainer. Rumor has it that she’ll be sharing free milkshakes with all the guests at the wedding. Meridith lives in Novi, MI.

Rebecca McBride (formerly Becky Deitle) was the best surprise in a random roommate that I could ask for.When I signed up to be put in a random dorm room my freshman year at SMC, I had no idea that it would result in sharing a room with one of my future best friends. Our times together have been priceless and I have enjoyed her optimism and friendly outlook in every place she has been. She is living in Denver, CO with her husband, Sean and is working in marketing.